Axandra’s Christmas SEO crossword puzzle

Axandra’s Christmas SEO crossword puzzle

2. Search engine that belongs to Yahoo.
5. Google’s pay per click system.
6. Internet service provider, abbreviation.
7. Number of times that your ad is displayed to users.
13. Important for high rankings on Google.
14. Main page of your website.
15. Categorized catalog of websites.
16. Should be avoided to get high rankings.
17. What we wish you for 2008.
18. Cost per thousand impressions, abbreviation.
19. What SEO is all about.
21. Hypertext markup language, abbreviation.
22. Displaying different content to search engines and users.
24. Small icon that appears next to URLs in a web browser.
26. Search engine that belongs to Yahoo.
28. Popular search engine.
29. Today.
30. Web page that links to all pages of your website.
33. Tracks the ROI of your online ads.
34. Search engines store copies of web pages in it.
35. Name of Google’s search engine spider.
36. Program to view web pages.
37. Periodically updated online journal.
38. Cascading style sheets, abbreviation.
39. Common abbreviation for the Open Directory Project.
40. Developers of popular SEO tools.
41. Sites which link to well trusted websites within their topical community.

1. Hypertext transfer protocol, abbreviation.
3. Popular website promotion tool.
4. Google’s contextual advertising network
8. What your website will be with IBP.
9. return on investment, abbreviation.
10. Small data file written to a user’s local computer.
11. search engine optimization, abbreviation.
12. Takes a visit today.
18. Cost per action, abbreviation.
19. Limiting a website to appear only once or twice in the search results.
20. Program used by a search engine to explore web pages and links.
21. Making a search engine believe that another website exists at your URL.
22. Cost per click, abbreviation.
23. Attribute used to prevent a link from passing link authority.
25. Domain name server, abbreviation.
27. Order of web pages in the search results.
31. How Google names its continuous crawl.
32. Word or phrase that prospects search for.
34. Last name of Google’s head of the anti spam team.
38. Click through rate, abbreviation.

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